Cyber Security

IMI Academy’s Information and Cyber Security Division provides an array of training programs and courses for all levels within the organization or unit. Our clients include governments, government-owned corporations, various armies and law enforcement forces, multi-national corporations, private companies, infrastructure sensitive facilities, factories, and banks.

Our service offering includes:

  • On-site training: Tailor-made cyber security training designed to meet specific on-site client needs.
  • Top notch instructors: IDF and cyberwar veterans with years of practical experience in their field.
  • Cyber range: Real-time hands-on practice using advanced Cyber Range Live Simulator, mimicking existing systems and capabilities.
  • Consultancy: Professional consultations, evaluations, and assessment services.

The following solutions are available:

  1. Cyber HLS
  2. Cyberwarfare functions and operations
  3. Computer forensics and investigations
  4. Adversary pursuit
  5. Security Operations Center (SOC), operational and incident response
  6. ICS/SCADA security
  7. Prevention and mitigation of DDoS attacks
  8. Hacking and penetration testing training
  9. Creating a cybersecurity governance framework
  10. Secure coding practices and development
  11. Cloud and IoT security
  12. Data analysis
  13. Mobile app security
    And more…

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