Counter Terror

The main objective of an anti-terror combat unit is to operate in multiple scenarios and changing combat conditions with an ability to make intuitive decisions under pressure when time is critical. Its main concern is to create and maintain an immediate response to all types of terrorist attacks.

IMI Academy’s counter-terror combat training courses have been designed to help trainees develop and understand the skills and techniques of single-operative counter-terror combat, while gradually introducing them to specific advanced training programs for pairs, special teams, and the entire unit.

Main topics covered throughout training are:

  1. Firearms training using different types of handguns and assault rifles
  2. Krav Maga
  3. Building aggressiveness and determination
  4. Close Quarters Combat (CQC)
  5. Climbing and abseiling
  6. Use of special equipment and measures
  7. Sniper training course
  8. Hostage rescue training from/within multiple locations
  9. Planning for and managing emergency consequences of terrorist incidents
  10. Final training exercises for teams and unit(s)

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