Search & Rescue

The Division of Emergency Response, Search and Rescue Operations at IMI Academy is a knowledgeable and professional department which offers training and development support, services and resources for all emergency response teams, from firefights and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers through to evacuators of hazardous materials and search-and-rescue forces searching through destroyed buildings.

All training programs are carried out in a uniquely designed and well equipped facility, via the use of advanced simulators and true-to-life simulated exercises. 

After understanding the client's needs, we build a training model that fits into its existing infrastructure, allowing it to develop its overall response capabilities and dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations, all while putting emphasis on the human factor.

Main topics covered throughout training are:

  1. Fire emergency response
  2. Preparedness and response for building collapse
  3. Day/night scenario-based exercises
  4. Safe handling of hazardous materials
  5. Safety protocol and procedures
  6. Use of special equipment and measures
  7. Effective management of mass casualty incidents

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