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IMI Academy for Advanced Security & Anti-Terror Training is a leading integrated solutions provider for government agencies, police, law enforcement, military and commercial customers worldwide.

Established in 1999 by veterans of the Israeli security forces, IMI Academy specializes in a wide range of comprehensive security training programs, including anti-terrorism, anti-crime and homeland security. It is a subsidiary of Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI), a government-owned company.

IMI Academy draws its strength from the accumulated knowledge of Israel’s security establishment. Its modern facilities, highly-experienced instructors and range of courses and seminars, have positioned the IMI Academy as a model organization of its kind.

Fields of activity:

  • Security: VIP Security, installation security, identification of suspicious persons and objects, special event security planning, KRAV- MAGA, “Red on Blue” exercises, operational driving
  • Counter-Terrorism: prevention and response to terrorism, tactical shooting and training, close quarter combat ("KRAV MAGA"), First-Aid and emergency care.
  • Police & Law Enforcement: terror event and disaster management, border patrol, crime scene, tackling of white collar, drug and fraud crimes, collaborative work with other agencies
  • Special Projects & Consulting: special unit establishment, turnkey security solutions, C4I operations, K9 training, recruitment centers set-up
  • Information Security: enterprise security management and risk assessment, cryptography, software and operating system security, Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Crisis Management: emergency preparedness, critical national infrastructure, urban and corporate security, public transportation security, loss prevention planning
  • Search & Rescue: day and night search and rescue scenarios, structural collapse, rescue of trapped persons, operation under hazardous conditions


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